Tuesday, May 27, 2014


For once what I have to say is not about me and my tatting, but about other tatters. This weekend I went to a square dance festival. Square dances are organized in 'tips' with breaks in between. Usually during the breaks there is round dancing, which is somewhat related to square dancing but not the same. I don't round dance, so I pulled out my tatting during these breaks, which sparked several conversations with interested observers. One of these was a gentleman who had learned to tat himself a year or two ago. He told me about the projects he had completed, including the WIP that did him in. Unfortunately he hasn't tatted for months because he is stuck on a confusing diagram. It was great to meet someone else interested enough in the craft to have taught himself, and I can only hope he gets unstuck soon.

The other tatter I want to talk about is not someone I met but someone I read about in this article. She has been tatting for NINETY-THREE YEARS. Ninety-three years. Ninety-three years. Can you imagine? It's amazing.