Friday, July 01, 2011

How to tell that the Canada Post is no longer on strike

I present my evidence in the form of a lovely package from Fox! Here definitely are good things coming in a small package. In just one envelope, a little bag of rings and filigree to tat on, a pretty piece of tatting, and a big spool of the thread she was generous enough to give away. I have obscured the tatting a little in the picture, as Fox wanted us all to know it was tatted a looooong time ago and she doesn't feel it meets her standards now. But I couldn't bear not giving at least a glimpse of it, as I personally love it and the colors and beads keep drawing my eye back to it and my hands creep over to touch it again. The thread also is making me very happy. As soon as I unwrapped it I started itching to get it on the shuttles and before the day was over I had finished this Small Motif of Jane's.
It felt kind of wrong tatting something with Fox's thread and not putting beads on it! But I don't think I have any beads small enough for this thread yet. Still, it was meant to be a connection anyway, for just a day or two after I finished it what should pop up on Fox's blog but a familiar motif! I would be more surprised if I didn't know we had both taken our cue from Miranda, whose rendition is what put the Small Motif in my mind anyhow. This isn't all I've tatted with this thead by any means! I've done another small motif and am starting on an edging, and all in the space of a week. I'm definitely enamored. It tends to fuzz up a little with too much handling, but that is all right with me, because I like the way the colors flow on this thread and I have been really hankering after small thread sizes the last month or two. It is just perfect for me right now. Thank you, Fox!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm very happy that Canada Post is no longer on strike. After all, part of the joy of tatting is sharing, and Fox is a very generous lady! Enjoy!

Fox said...

That is so funny about Jane's Small Motif! Well, what can I say? Great minds DO think alike!

Glad you are enjoying the thread - you certainly do a better job with it than I! I found it so thin and I handle it a lot while tatting, so quite fuzzy. Your motif is lovely.

Thank you for your comment on tat-ology today! It really pleases me when someone gets a kick out of my word play. Usually the only person to do so is ME!
Happy tatting!
Fox : )

Happy Bluebird said...

Snail mail is sooooo fun - and tatters are so generous :) Have fun with your goodies!

Singtatter said...

Hi dear, you have won my tatted rose bookmark giveaway! Pls email me your snail mail address :)


Ellen in Singapore