Saturday, December 01, 2012

First Snowflakes of the Season!

It is that time of year. Time to tat snowflakes! It's after Thanksgiving, it's December, and I've been itching to bust out the white thread and snowflake patterns. Actually, I was so eager that I cheated and started tatting snowflakes before Thanksgiving. It snows in November, right? Well, not in my part of the country, but it does so elsewhere, or so I justify it to myself.

Here are my first three snowflakes of 2012. (Not counting the ones I tatted in January because I wasn't ready to stop last year.)
The bottom one is Jennifer Williams' Small Mat Using SCMRs. I have seen her patterns mentioned and tatted on several blogs, most notably Frivole's, Fox's, and Jane's (Jane in South Africa, that is). I had fun exploring her site (several of her patterns are on my to-do list now), and when I saw this one I thought it would make a good snowflake, done in white. I still like it as a snowflake but when it was done I thought it would be good with a little more pointiness, so I tried adding a small ring to the middle chain of each section. That resulted in the top snowflake. I can't get over how different they look from a distance even though they are almost identical. Finally, the snowflake on the right is Regal, by, again, Frivole. I love her snowflakes. This is my first time tatting Regal, and I altered it a little as I didn't want to put beads on. So I swapped a small ring for Frivole's large bead. I like it, but it did change the shape of the large rings in the first round and they do not look as pretty as the original. I shall have to tat it again to see if I can find a better bead substitute. Boo-hoo, what a hardship! And then I might have to tat it again the original way to see if I like it best with beads after all. Life is tough.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love tatted snowflakes, and yours are particularly beautiful!

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous snowflakes, I have been tatting then since June as I sell a lot, I am getting fed up with white can't wait for some colour.
We had some snow in the UK a few weeks ago where I live (see blog). And we might get some more as rain is coming in from the Atlantic tonight and they say as it meets the cold air and its freezing out there at the moment it may turn to snow first. Just more rain as if we have not had more than our fair share, we have floods all over the country, we were badly hit in Somerset last weekend with many houses flooded and water still on the fields, this green land is more like fields of lakes.