Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hic Dracones

In between my crosses, I got the urge to make another Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon! This is the Meadow Dragon, distinguishable to the careful eye when resting camouflaged among the primroses and grass in a mountain meadow.
I'm actually not sure that I'll make a dragon in two colors again, particularly with the colors placed like this (as opposed to, say, body/head/tail one color, wings another color). I'm conflicted about whether I like the overall effect. But it was pretty interesting getting the colors to go right and I got to practice my Double Core Single Shuttle Split Rings. (whew, that's a mouthful of a technique name!) I still think the beauty of the pattern shows through best when done in one color -- that way the colors do not distract from the shapes, which work together beautifully in this pattern. But that is my own personal bias -- I find it so difficult to work in more than one color because the shapes and structure of a pattern are always what strike me the most vividly. I definitely enjoy all the beautifully executed multi-colored tattings that I see on blogs -- I am always surprised by how different the right color choices can make a pattern look.

I made a major boo-boo on one of this dragon's wings -- can you find it? It's at least a consistent mistake!


Fox said...

It looks great to me!
Fox : )

Marty said...

You don't have to put this on your blog -- but, I just found your inquiry on this post on my blog:
Yes, go ahead, copy the doily -- I'd love to see what you make of it! I don't have a pattern, that piece IS that pattern. It was one of those organic things that just grew off the shuttles.

Marty said...

Oh -- I forgot to say that I really like the two color dragon, and I don't see the error you think is there. So it must be insignificant!