Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meeting the TSA

I'm flying tomorrow! Call me crazy, but I always enjoy airports. I haven't flown in several years though, and while I've flown since I learned to tat, I haven't flown since my tatting bug got so bad that I can't imagine a trip without a shuttle. I've been poring over the guidelines for clearing security and deciding what I'm willing to risk. Here are the things I've decided to bring.Wish me luck! And if you have any tips on clearing security with small metal objects of the tatting trade, please let me know.


Jane Eborall said...

Scissors may be a problem. Try a clover cutter OR nail clippers. They're the best thing I've got for cutting threads close. That's the nail clippers. I never take scissors in my carry on - just nail clippers.

Lelia said...

Not sure where you are flying to/from; however, I have not had problems with tatting supplies.

Went thru security with carry-on, had small-inexpensive scissors, crochet hooks, shuttles, shuttle winder, picot gauges, tweezers, safety pins, needles, + measuring tape. Had no problems.

Good luck + enjoy your travels

Gina said...

It really depends on the area. They seem to be stricter near the borders. I've always taken the cheap stuff in my carryon and left the good stuff in my luggage. One time I really needed a crochet hook for a join that my shuttle hook wasn't coping with, so I took out my earring that was on an earwire and used the tip of that in place of a hook!

Bonnie said...

I have flown many times and not had a problem when I took a very small pair of scissors on the plane. I'd be interested in knowing how you did with your supplies threw security.