Monday, May 02, 2011

Tatting in the Skies

Guess what? It's no problem to bring small scissors into an airport nowadays! At least, not this past weekend. I breezed through security both on the trip out and the trip back -- less than five minutes from start to finish. No line, no bag searches, no backscatter x-rays. The thing that took the longest was dumping my things in bins to go down the belt into the x-ray machine. After I was free to tat as I pleased throughout the trip, and here is what came of that. I love this pattern so much. Isn't it funny how the first row of it looks so very different from the complete two-row cross? Yes, that unfinished one on the right is the same pattern! Speaking of two rows, I tried split-ringing out of the first row on these to avoid some of the ends needing to be hidden. Not sure I prefer it this way, though -- The split ring on each is definitely a different shape than the other ones and to me it sticks out and looks wrong. Can you find the split rings? What do you think?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think I found the split rings, but I'm not sure. Maybe a little steam would help set them the way you'd like. However, if the split rings make it easier to tat, I would keep my mom's favorite saying in mind... a blind man on a galloping horse would never know the difference!

Michelle said...

Yay for getting the scissors and your tatting through! It's so nice when you can but hard to have to throw things in the bin when you can't.
The cross is gorgeous both ways. What's the pattern?

Bri's Bits said...

I have never tatted crosses, but I have started to think about doing it recently, I thought some friends would like to have some, and there are some beautiful patterns out there. I must say, I love the pattern you have done, both ways, you did a beautiful job! Is it your own pattern?

Very very pretty! Thank you for sharing :)

tatterjil said...

Diane -- I'm not too hopeful about being able to change the shape, but these aren't blocked so it is probably worth a try. Great saying!

Michelle and Bree -- it is Mary Konior's Small Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns. She is unbeatable.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

The scissors may go back on the list, but I have no know knowledge of this - just guessing! Glad you had no problems.

The split ring on each finished cross is on the left side at the top (looking at the photo). But I honestly would NEVER have noticed them if I didn't really STUDY the enlarged photo for a few minutes, and only because you said you did them! That's a very clever way of starting the second round. I've done Mary Konior's cross several times and would never have thought of doing that! These are very nicely done!