Friday, October 05, 2012

Lace Mats, Lace Mats Everywhere!

Here is mine to add to the crowd:
Many thanks to Jon for charting Norma Benporath's pattern. I like it a lot and would probably have tatted it even if she had not organized a Tat-a-Long. As it is, it is fun to see everybody's different takes on it, and the chart is a breeze to follow. I've been enjoying using split chains and rings to jump from round to round, but apparently I haven't been winding my shuttles full enough. With the amount of times my shuttles have run out so far, I don't know if my split chains are saving me any end-sewing! They are definitely good practice, though. I have been completely comfortable with split rings for a while but am only just easing into doing split chains without constant reference to a set of instructions, so steady practice is definitely needed.

This picture is a little anemic -- the true color of the thread has a lot less of a blue tinge. It's a lovely green that I chose not because it matches anything that I own (it doesn't!) but because it was so beautiful. When I post the finished lace mat, I'll make sure to take a picture in a better light! As you can see, I only have part of one round to go.


Margarets designer cards said...

Looking lovely so far, lovely coloured, I agree it's amazing how many different colours that are being tatted.

Michelle said...

It really looks lovely! I like yours better than the colors I chose.

Nancy in Dallas said...

Lovely color! Isn't this fun, with tatters all over the world doing this wonderful 'Lace Mat'!