Monday, October 01, 2012


Here is my (first?) rendition of Arches, by Marilee Rockley. I LOVE this pattern. And I love this thread color. This measures about three inches across, so it is dainty and alluring. But I'm not happy with the actual arches, which is completely my fault. As I was tatting the long foundation chains, they seemed SOOO long that I compulsively pulled them as tight as possible so they would not be quite so floppily huge. Then, I started tatting the rows that go over the chains and realized unhappily that they were heavily affected by the too-tight chains. This doily still needs blocking, but while the blocking may calm the ruffling, it won't bring the pattern back to its full potential, because those chains are just too darn tight. I'm disappointed. I may just have to tat it again and do it right this time!

As for the title of this post....  When did I finish tatting this? Two years ago. When did I finish sewing in the ends? Yesterday. Clearly I have a problem. As if you couldn't tell already from the last time I posted on this blog! Oh well. The only way to solve it is one small step at a time. So. I sewed in the ends. And I posted. On to the next step!


Michelle said...

Looks fabulous!

Margarets designer cards said...

It's what call a long term project, Well done on finishing it, and it looks lovely.